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Cry Stampede lyrics


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     Cry Stampede
    >> Marty Robbins
        The night was a-blaze with the heavenly fire
    Of lightnin', wind, and rain.
    And the sound of thunder is spookin' the herd
    And I fear there'll be a stampede.
    The cattle are starting to mill around,
    Their bellows strike fear in my heart.
    I know if the stom lasts very much longer,
    There's bound to be a stampede.
    "Stampede!" (echo: "stampede!")
    Cry "Stampede!" (cry "stampede!")
    The thing that a cowboy fears the most
    Is "Stampede!"
    As I sit in the saddle, the night's wearin' on
    And the storm is lingering still.
    The lightnin's glare on the restless herd
    Makes it seem like a sea's angry swell.
    Then, all of a sudden, a bolt of fire
    Strikes the tree where my pony stands.
    As I fall to the ground, I can hear the sound
    Of a drover yellin' "Stampede!"
    "Stampede!" (echo: "stampede!")
    Cry "Stampede!" (cry "stampede!")
    The thing that a cowboy fears the most
    Is "Stampede!"
    For a moment I lay in the mud half dazed.
    I could hear the herd bearin' down.
    And I crawled in a ditch where a tree came to rest
    And I crouched between it and the ground.
    It seems like a miracle of God's hand.
    It's over and I'm still alive
    And I thank the "Trail Boss" up in the sky
    For sparin' me from the stampede.
    "Stampede!" (echo: "stampede!")
    Cry "Stampede!" (cry "stampede!")
    The thing that a cowboy fears the most
    Is "Stampede!"
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